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Champions League final: Paris Saint Germain vs. Bayern München

20 Aug 2020

The final of the Champions League will be played on Sunday 23 August. The finalists in this vibrant final battle are Paris Saint Germain and Bayern Munich. Which team do you think will take the cup with the big ears? The bookmakers expect Bayern to win the cup! Read our match preview with a look […]

Have you predicted the Champions League finalists yet?

13 Aug 2020

The Champions League is now in an advanced stage, and the semi-finalists have been announced. RB Leipzig will compete against PSG and Lyon will play against Bayern. An exciting final will follow on 23 August and who will play in it will become clear during the semi-finals. Slowly back to normal in the Champions League […]

The impact of COVID-19 on online gambling

15 Jun 2020

The corona crisis has changed a lot in our daily lives, wherever we live in the world. Many things are different for the hospitality industry, and now that these companies are open again, that requires a lot of adaptabilities. But a lot has also changed for companies that focus on online betting. Events have been […]

Online betting will continue as usual in corona time

10 Jun 2020

Although it may sometimes seem like the whole world is standing still, some things continue in corona time. Maybe even more active than before. For example, the world of online gambling is doing well these days. While there may not be many sports bets, there are still many other things to bet on. If you […]